Welcome to Punch!CAD Labs. Punch!CAD Labs is home to innovative technology development for next generation versions of Encore’s ViaCAD and Shark 3D digital design products.


ViaCAD Pro 9 with PowerPack WIP
ViaCAD Pro with PowerPack is now ready for feedback and testing. The beta introduces:
  • 3D Print Utilites
  • General Utilities
  • Curve, Surface, Solid, & Mesh repair tools
  • Mesh to Analytic
  • Subdivision to NURB

These are work in progress builds. Click >
here< to download the product installer.

Tips & Tricks
We've added a Tips and Tricks daily emailer. This is an opt in email available when you trial the PunchCAD products. Example tips include:
  • Resources to Learn PunchCAD
  • Blending Sharp Edges
  • Sharing Data