ViaCAD 2D/3D Overview

This demonstration will highlight some of the features found in ViaCAD 2D/3D, focusing on the areas of usability, productivity, workflow, and 2D/3D modeling.

Subdivision Modeling

V9 introduces subdivision modeling tools that provide easy to use push/pull methods to complement existing feature based modeling tools. This demonstration creates a spoon and sends off to a 3D print service (Shapeways) for costing.

Wood Working Joints

V9 introduces features specific to modeling wood working joints such as dado, rabbit, dovetail, tongue/grove, and miter. Check out the video showing how these tools can accelerate the design of a bookself.


The Push/Pull tool searches for closed 2D regions and allows you to dynamically extrude the region into 3D.  You can also move the cursor over existing faces to add or remove material.   An additional feature allows you to sketch curves onto faces, which will enable you to move new regions.

Outstanding Blending

ViaCAD and Shark use the Dassualt/Spatial modeling kernel which provides support for excellent blending features. Check out some of the challenging blends ViaCAD and Shark can tackle in this video.


Creating 2D Drawings

The model to sheet tools are used to create 2D drawings from 3D parts. This demonstration uses ViaCAD 2D/3D to create a set of assembly drawings including section and detail views.

Modeling a Snowboard

ViaCAD Pro provides surface and solid modeling tools. This demonstration creates a snowboard using surfaces and solids. A bitmap image is also used to provide guidance for construction curves.

Archetectural Tools

3D attributes now exist for walls, doors, and windows. Three new tools were also added that allow you to quickly create 3D walls, slabs, and hip roofs.

Direct Edit With Gripper

The Gripper features have been extended with V8 to allow direct editing of faces.  Direct face editing includes translate, rotate, and scale of faces.  Additionally, you can  now create arrays of faces using the Gripper.

60 Second Goblet Design

A 60 second demonstration showing how easy it is to create a goblet with ViaCAD. Demonstrates how 2D curves are used to create an associative 3D shape.

ViaCAD Pro New Features Overview

A variety of demonstrations showing some of new features of ViaCAD Pro v7.

Text From Illustrator

We have many ViaCAD users who also include Adobe Illustrator in their tool chest. One common use is to create text in Adobe Illustrator using their advanced text tools (kerning/tracking) and then importing into ViaCAD. Once in ViaCAD you can extrude into 3D and perform operations such as blending and chamfering. This video shows how you can share data between the two applications.

Pasted Graphic 4

Modeling a Bolt

This tutorial demonstrates how you can use ViaCAD Pro to create a bolt. Tools demonstrated include : • Extrude • Sweep Along Path • Protrusion • Intersection Boolean • Model to Sheet For a 2D Drawing

Pasted Graphic 3

Moving Spline Points

There are several ways to modify spline points with ViaCAD and Shark. This video shows two methods using the arrow key and the gripper.

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2D to 3D Associativity

This demonstration shows how to construct a 3D frame from a 2D profile. Additional, this video demonstrates some simple associativity between the 2D geometry and the 3D solids facilitating rapid modifications.