Photorealistic Rendering

Drag and drop materials, textures, and decals onto parts. Use the material editor to tweak reflectance, color, displacement, transparency, and texture space attributes. Add lights, backgrounds, foregrounds or environment maps to further enhance the scene. Export high quality poster sized images.

The Gripper

The Gripper is another exciting new feature introduced in ViaCAD Pro V7. This feature provides an intuitive graphical widget that attaches to your objects allowing you to dynamically move, rotate, and scale objects in 2D or 3D. In addition to freely moving parts around, the gripper provides a data entry field to precisely move, rotate, and scale parts.

Custom Tool Palettes

Create palettes using your favorite combination of tools. Use this new feature to customize ViaCAD Pro for your specific workflow process. Drag and drop your favorite tools to a custom palette where you specify the icon size, mxn arrangement, and orientation.


Entity attributes are now consolidated into one easy to use graphical user interface. Quickly inspect, modify and set the values for pen, fill, text, and dimension attributes. Use the Inspector to set pen weight, styles, and arrowheads. Or access the text or dimension font size, type, and style attributes.

More Digital Design Power

Over 120 updates were incorporated into the v7 release. Some of the features include:
•Extend curve by length, to point, or to another curve
•Match by position and surface extend
•Dynamic creation for Bezier, control point and interpolate splines.
•New centerline dimension tool
•Updates to SketchUp, DXF,DWG, STEP, IGES translators